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Our Story

Ferris Containers was founded in 1978 by a very respected man, Kelly Ferris. He was known to be the owner, manager, driver, billing customers, customer service, sales rep, and a friend to many. Known for his diligence and contagious laugh, Kelly has created many relationships with his customers which has developed loyalty over the many years of being in business.

After endless hard work and dedication, Ferris Containers officially partnered with HD Waste & Recycling in 2021, humbly owned by Hugo and Diana.
A significant promise was made to Kelly during this process, which is to withhold his name and legacy with Ferris Containers. In order to continue this legacy, Hugo and Diana decided to bring in their family to help Ferris Containers grow with a dedication to Kelly. 

We are honored to have been entrusted by such a humbled and respected man, and we are fueled with trusting in God first with this work that He has planned for us. We as a family love to work and we take pride in our family-operated business with fast service, customer care, and 40+ years of trash knowledge. 
Leave it to us to take care of your waste needs. 


Call us at 972-286-1800

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